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The Walkerton Compensation Plan has been designed to provide financial support and compensation to individuals and businesses affected by the water contamination in Walkerton Ontario from April to December 2000.

Crawford Adjusters Canada is the court appointed administrator and is committed to ensuring that full and complete compensation is delivered in an efficient, timely and impartial manner in accordance with the laws of Ontario.



Please read the information on this Web site very carefully. This will help you determine whether you are eligible or not for compensation as a member of one of the two groups identified above.







What's New

Justice Perell's Reasons for Decision - September 11, 2019


Justice Perell's Reasons for Decision - November 2, 2016


Order regarding Late Applications - May 2010



Order regarding Late Applications - March 2004


Supplementary Directions - March 30, 2004
Justice Winkler's Reasons and Decisions - Case
Managment Conference February 27, 2004

Motion for Directions Regarding Late Applications


Supplementary Motion Record for Late Applications
Reasons for decision of Mr. Justice Winkler released
March 18, 2003 on the recent motion by Maple Creek and by Class Counsel representative.

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The Settlement on the Web
You can access the Settlement Agreement on the Web, section by section. You can also download it in PDF format for easy printing.
The Stage One Form (Initial Claim Form Package) you must complete is available on this website in PDF format.